Gastly forgot mean look!

Gastly forgot mean look!

10 Signs That You Have a Bad Roommate

1. Roommate promises there will be no visitors. Ask roommate to limit the number of visits. Boyfriend comes over for 90% of the year.

2. Roommate calls you at ungodly hours to do errands for her. Calls you at 2AM because she did something and is apparently dying. Wait for three hours to make sure she’s at the hospital safely instead of studying for your final. Roommate wakes you up at 7AM only to quickly throw you a “Thanks.”

3. Your roommate steals your markers, batteries, and all of your silver change. She borrows your money and never pays you back.

4. Agree to share the refrigerator and microwave that you rented for $95. Roommate hogs the whole refrigerator with rotten food for most of the year. You have to clean it up.

5. Roommate throws all of her gifts from her boyfriend on your side of the room and tells her dad that you get all those gifts and that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Gives you a bad impression to said roommate’s father that hasn’t even really met you.

6. Stock up on food and tell roommate she can have “some.” Wake up a few days later to find most of the food gone.

7. Roommate throws her laundry and dirty clothes on your bed. Boyfriend’s clothes find their way to your desk and chair and there is an uncanny amount of protein powder scattered on your desk. Her trash has navigated under your bed and desk and she claims one of your wardrobe drawers.

8. You tell your roommate to clean up her mess, but it is still there two weeks later. You ask the RA for assistance, but the mess is still there after another week.

9. You move all of her stuff back to her side by yourself, but they find their way back multiple times after you’ve repeated the process.

10. You write a letter to your roommate telling her that you wish she would have just taken ten minutes to clean her room compared to all the time you spent doing things for her that she never appreciated. You tell her to learn some responsibility and be accountable for her actions. You do not use profanity against her. Roommate replies with a post-it note that asks you to communicate as a “normal person” even though said post-it contained insults and profanity. Roommate says she feels sorry for your next roommate. You think that if she had actually appreciated everything you have done, she would have realized that people would be lucky to be your roommate.

What I Can Give

Throughout the years, I’ve realized that being an epileptic can be a hindrance in the process of making friends—and keeping them. Over time, I’ve come to realize who the important people are. These are the people that understand that everyone has problems, and who stay with you no matter what. I’ve experienced the loss of friends on multiple occasions, which left me quite devastated and lonely. Perhaps this loneliness was what compromised my ability to fully open up my heart and love. Don’t get me wrong. Of course I’ve done many favors for people, done things for others that were not even requested. I do things out of the best interest for people, and certain people mean so much to me, but I’ve never completely devoted feelings of intimacy and love to a certain person. Then nearly five months ago, I met a special person. The first few months of university were difficult; problems arose one after the other and led to subsequent problems. My mind was never at peace, and the peace I had grown accustomed to was finally broken. Through my devastation and reoccurring epilepsy attacks, I found salvation and comfort in the arms of a certain person. Before this, I had only been thinking of myself in relationships and how lonely and depressed I was. However, now I truly feel that I want to give all of my love and dedication to this person. What I truly desire is to do what I can in my power to make this person happy. This is what I can give.

The Life of an Epileptic

Epilepsy is a disorder of the brain. In people with epilepsy, brain cells create abnormal electricity that causes seizures.  A single seizure is not considered epilepsy. People with epilepsy have repeated episodes of seizures. For some, these episodes never go away. I haven’t lived long enough to know if I eventually grow out of my epilepsy, but it has been 10 years since my first seizure. At first, I didn’t understand how I would be able to live my life. I did not know how to cope with something so life-changing. How would you feel if someone told you that you couldn’t do the things you loved to do? I’m sure many people would have been devastated. I felt nothing. At that time, I felt as useless and pathetic as people took me for. As more and more of my friends distanced themselves from me, I decided I would work harder to prove their claims on my mental capability wrong. Epilepsy is not a mental illness, nor is it a sign of low intelligence. Between seizures, a person with epilepsy is normal. But what is normal? Having this condition made me consider what was “normal.” Back then, I wanted to be cured, to just be the same as everyone else, to be accepted. Ten years later, I am able to prove my childish self wrong. Being put through these circumstances has given me something a normal life could never give: experience. Not only have I learned to laugh and live like a normal person, I’ve come to value these things so much more. After being in the hospital for so long, after having tried multiple times to kill myself, I realized that I had to find an alternative route. Thus I promised myself I would continue living, no matter what my circumstances are. I would redefine my life and not be bounded by physical restrictions. I would continue to live the life of an epileptic.

I love him.

I love him.

"回去的锁匙; 就是弹快的旋律
88 keys; one melody"

The Bucket List

1. Become a pâtissiere
2. Attend New York University
3. Own a bakery
4. Work for Deloitte in Switzerland
5. See the Jade Buddha of Universal Peace
6. Complete an anime piano medley
7. Make a Mille Crepe
8. Work for Deloitte in New York
9. Graduate from university
10. Overcome my fear of clouds
11. Buy a car for my dad
12. Grow my hair to my lower back
13. Go without anime for two weeks
14. Visit Europe
15. Have my dream home
16. Meet my soulmate
17. Play Josh’s Anime Piano 2008, 2009, 2010
18. Play Jay Chou’s piano duet
19. Make a list of things I want to do before I die
20. Transpose Complication by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D
21. Write a novel
22. Give birth to a son named Sebastian
23. Visit Japan
24. Learn Kendo
25. Spend more than 100 days watching anime
26. Fold 1000 paper cranes
27. Own 10 different custom Gundam models
28. Have a different MAL signature every month
29. Write a fanfiction about Katekyo Hitman Reborn
30. Go to Anime Expo
31. Fly on an airplane
32. Stay up all night talking to a good friend
33. Try 20 types of chocolate
34. Get professional head shots/model shots for personal use
35. Make dinner for someone
36. Join an anime club in college
37. Rewatch all 30+ years of Mobile Suit Gundam
38. Play Myself Yourself on the violin and piano and put them together
39. Fill up a memory box with memories
40. Complete 300 Anime
41. Cover the whole Clannad OST on piano as Piano Collections
42. Go on a date to the FED
43. Create a room that represents who I am
44. Own a chess board like Orihara
45. Make breakfast for someone
46. Sell my artwork
47. Own a 100 year old piano
48. Get 500+ Subscribers on Youtube.
49. Work as a cashier
50. Go on a date at an amusement park
51. Design an epic anime list layout
52. Play through a video game without walkthroughs
53. Have a sleepover
54. Learn Archery
55. Meet a Seiyuu
56. Walk on water
57. Make an epic MAL Profile
58. Complete a Beethoven Piano Sonata
59. Record a guitar/piano cover while cosplaying
60. Teach myself Japanese
61. Try every cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory (except banana)
62. Cosplay as Kobato
63. Make an obentou
64. Get my driver’s license
65. Go camping in the woods
66. Play Chopin’s Piano Concerto No.1 Mov.2
67. Own the Rain Vongola Box
68. Learn how to play the guzheng/erhu
69. Own 100 different bracelets
70. Cosplay as five different anime characters
71. Build 20 model airplanes
72. Drink Blue Mallow tea
73. Use the Jedi Mind Trick on someone
74. Experience the sakura trees in Japan
75. Get paid for making digital graphics
76. Sleep in a hammock
77. Explore a castle
78. Work at an anime store
79. Be serenaded by a guy
80. Bake cinnamon rolls
81. Have dinner somewhere that overlooks the entire city
82. Achieve my personal ideal weight
83. Own the Despicable Me Unicorn
84. Start and Complete One Piece
85. Play Final Fantasy VII Those Who Fight on the Piano
86. Live in a studio
87. Win a giant stuffed animal
88. Meet a stranger I met on the internet in real life

89. Visit the Louvre in Paris
90. Sing a duet with a male on stage in front of an audience
91. Grow an inch
92. Teach myself Portuguese
93. Learn now to longboard
94. Watch anime for 24 hours straight.
95. Experience real stargazing
96. Wear a Japanese Yukata
97. Run/jog for an hour without stopping
98. Learn the saxophone
99. Own a yellow car
100. Get married when I’m 28 years old
101. Complete my list of 101 things to do before I die